John Amico Professional Haircare has been providing professional stylists with prestige products, in-depth education, and a family-like community for over 50 years. 

Our annual Chicago Chicago Beauty Show brings these three to you all in one place, 

offering live educational opportunities, over 50 specialized breakout sessions, 

international guest artists and speakers, as well as the John Amico Mall, 

which houses hundreds of products to choose from.

About John Amico Professional Haircare


Highest-Quality Professional Products

For more than 50 years, the Amico family has offered the highest quality professional products to salon owners, booth renters and stylists. When you purchase from us, you do so with complete confidence knowing that you are purchasing from a slon family that cares about you and your success.


Education & Recognition

At John Amico, we pride ourselves on offering ongoing education for beauty professionals. We host an Annual Salon Education & Adventure Cruise, regional conferences, monthly training at our local Resource Center, and our Annual Chicago Chicago Beauty Show and Convention each September (currently in our 41st year)!


Opportunity to Earn Income

John Amico's mission is to enrich professionals' lives, which starts with giving stylists the tools, education and support they need, as well as the opportunity to earn money, even when they are not behind the chair! John Amico offers an opportunity for stylists to share the products, education and opportunity with other stylists and commission on their sales.